Help Center RegistrationHow do I create a registration page?

How do I create a registration page?

Build a customizable online registration form that can be used to onboard new members into a group. This page can be created by clicking on the icon of the person in the upper right corner of your group that says "Manage members" and then clicking "Registration page." 

You can also get there from the groups browser by clicking the Groups button in the upper left corner of your group and then clicking the three dots to the right of the group name and choosing "Setup registration page."

Turn the registration page on by clicking "Build my registration page." You will then see a preview of your registration page. 

Customize the Registration page

Click the options under "Registration page" to edit what is included in the registration process. 

Contact Information

Choose to require members' phone, address, gender, or date of birth. 

Custom Questions

Add custom questions in the form of text, checkbox, radio button, dropdown, single checkbox, number, or date answers. You can also add static text to segment the form or give further instructions. 

Share registration page

Once you are satisfied with your registration page, click on Registration page to preview the form and then click the Share button to share via link, social media, or embed on a web page.

With registration pages, there is no worry about creating duplicates in your group. If a person who has already been added to the group tries to submit a registration page, it will simply prompt them to update their existing account.