Help Center Member ManagementHow can I see what my group members will see?

How can I see what my group members will see?

When viewing your group, you are seeing the same thing your group members will see - with the exception that you have the “Compose” button and the group management panes to the right of the groups browser. Otherwise, what you see is what they see!

A. Members can use this area to change their text and email notification settings at any time. 

B. Anytime a member has pending action items, a notification will appear in the upper right corner of the group board. Clicking on this notification will take them to the action item list where they can view all of their pending action items. 

C. Although they cannot create announcements, members can leave formatted comments and drag and drop images, which will then appear at the top of the feed, as well as be sent to other members of the group. 

D. Members can click on an announcement to see the details, complete action items, or reply to participate in the conversation.