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What is text-to-join?

Quickly and easily turn your meeting's attendees into group members using text-to-join. 

Text-to-join is a way for members to join groups and get connected with your organization by sending a text from their phone. This method is quick to set up, easy to use, and simple to announce. 

Your organization will be given a phone number and you will choose a keyword for your group. Make a slide like the one below with the phone number and your keyword and ask your attendees to text-to-join. Using this method, you can gather any number of members' information in just minutes. 

By texting, members are added to the group. Clicking on the reply message will allow them to fill out your customized registration form so you can gather even more information.  

Using text-to-join

Using text-to-join is easy:

  1. Share your assigned phone number and unique keyword with anyone to allow them to join your group by text message. ex: "Text ExampleOrganization to 201-537-xxxx." Use the number as the recipient and the keyword as the message. 
  2. This member is now automatically subscribed to your group and will receive text message notifications for any new announcements or comments. 
  3. The member will receive a confirmation allowing them to text back to add an email to their account or set up their profile via link.

That's it! 

And just like always, if a member joins a sub-group, they will automatically be added to any parent groups in the organization, as well, with no additional steps. 

Set up text-to-join

Setting up text-to-join is quick:

  1. Select the group in your organization where you want to set up text-to-join
  2. Go to the Settings page
  3. Click to toggle text-to-join to the on position
  4. Optional - Click Change to edit the keyword you would like to use to join the group. Keep in mind:
    • Keywords can contain up to 25 characters
    • Keywords cannot contain spaces or special characters
    • Each group with text-to-join in your organization must have a unique keyword

You will now see your text-to-join number (shared for all groups in your organization) and keyword (unique to this group in the organization).