Help Center OnboardingHow do I add a member who only has a cell phone and no email?

How do I add a member who only has a cell phone and no email?

Members without an email address can still be added to Unison using a cell phone number. These members will get text notifications by default. 

Adding a member with only a cell phone

To add a member with only a cell phone, enter the 9-digit number only. 

Importing members with only a cell phone

To import members, you must have your member information in a text (.txt), comma separated value (.csv), or Microsoft© Excel (.xls or .xlsx) file. 

Your file must contain the following columns: first name, last name, email and phone, in that order. If a member does not have an email address, this field can be left blank.

Once your files is ready, click the "+" button in the upper right corner and select "Add members..." from the drop down. Or, if you are on the Members pane, you can click the "+" button top the top right of the members list.  

In the "Add members" box, choose "import members". 

Now, drag and drop or browse for your file and click Import to import your members in to your group. 

Notifications for cell-only members

Once added, the cell-only member will immediately begin to get text message notifications for cards and comments. 

If a cell-only member replies to a text message and their profile does not have a name associated with it, they will receive a text asking for their name. Their reply will then be added to their profile and the comment will be posted. 

Cell-only members can log in to Unison using their cell phone number in place of their email address to access the website.