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How to help your members register

One of the key features of is that your members can register themselves to join your groups! 

There are three easy methods that allow members to register themselves:

Public Calendar

Making your calendar public allows those not in your group to RSVP directly for an event, get reminders, and be automatically added to the group by entering their email. Existing group members can also sign up on the public calendar by entering their email and then password. 


Text-to-join is a way for members to join groups and get connected with your organization by sending a text from their phone. By providing them with a dedicated number for your organization and keyword for the group they want to join, individuals can send a quick text to immediately start receiving new messages. 

Registration pages allow you to not only ask a member to join your group, but also optionally have them fill out a customized form to gather additional information you need when they join the group.