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How do I import members from a list or spreadsheet?

Set up your file

To import members, you must have your member information in a text (.txt), comma separated value (.csv), or Microsoft© Excel (.xls or .xlsx) file. 

Each member must have either an email or cell number listed for the import to work. 

Import members from a file

Once your file is ready, click the "+" button in the upper right corner and select Add multiple members from the drop down. 

In the Add members box, choose spreadsheet

Now, drag and drop or browse for your file.  

Click Map columns to be brought to the next screen and choose if your first row is a header row or values and click Continue

The last page asks you to map your spreadsheet columns to the fields in Click in the white box and select a profile field, existing custom field, or create a new custom field during the import process. 

If there are any errors when importing the spreadsheet, you will be taken to a page that tells you the exact row and column of the issue and what is wrong. Update the original spreadsheet and use this page to try the import again with the settings you already chose. 

Finally, you will be asked if you want to notify the members with an email address that they have been added to the group. Doing so will add the members and then take you to a customizable announcement with those members as recipients.

Regardless of the way you add members, all new members will immediately be sent email or text message notifications for all group activity.