Help Center OnboardingHow do I add a new member using their email or cell number?

How do I add a new member using their email or cell number?

Once you are ready to add members, click the "+" button in the upper right corner next to your profile picture and select Add members... from the drop down. 

Add by email or phone

You can enter the email address or cell number of each member separated by a comma or line break in the Add members pop up that appears. Already have an existing email chain? Just copy and paste the list directly into the field! 

As you are adding members, you will have the opportunity to update additional information for each member including their name, email, and phone on a 2nd screen.  

On this screen, you can also choose if the members being added should be leaders.  

If you want to notify the members with an email address that they have been added to the group, you can choose to send an email notifying new members. Doing so will add the members and then take you to a customizable announcement with those members as recipients for you to share your Feed URL and any other information they might need.

Once a member is added to your group, they will immediately begin to receive email or text notifications of all announcements and comments posted to the group.

You can also add multiple members quickly by importing the members from a spreadsheet, or use the Onboarding options to allow members to sign up.