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Can multiple members have the same contact information?

No. An email address or cell phone number may only be used for one account. However, there are a few options for family members who share the same email address:

Share an account

If two family members share contact information, such as an email or cell, you can create one account for both members. 

In this scenario, the family members would interact with the group as a unit. Any action items would only be completed once for the family unit, and comments would be posted as the family, so individuals would need to type their name if they wanted others to know who in that family wrote the comment. 

Create 2 accounts using an "alias" email

In some email clients, you can create additional alias email addresses by using the "+" character at the end of the username section of your email. 

For example, if your email is [email protected], you can create another email address by adding "+" and a word before the @ sign. In this case, it might be best to add the name of the family member, so you may wind up with [email protected] or [email protected]. Then, each family member will have a unique email address for their profile and each individual can have their own account, but all communication will go to the shared address.