Help Center OnboardingHow do I process registrations?

How do I process registrations?

To process any pending registrations*, go to the Members pane by choosing Members from the Admin drop down in the upper right or click on the review registration button in the email you received. 

In the Members pane, pending members will be marked by an orange Pending in their status. 

If you want to review information contained in the registration form, click the member name to be taken to their profile.

Approve the member by changing their status from Pending to Member or Leader. Doing so will then ask you if you want to compose an email to let them know of the status change. 

If you do not send an email, the member will not know they have been approved. 

You can customize your message to welcome them to the group, or use the one provided. 

* Note: For groups that are public to an organization, members will not be marked as pending and will instead become a member immediately.