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What are action items?

An action item is a task that members are expected to complete. Action items are attached to announcements. There are several types of action items that correspond to common tasks that need to be performed by group members. For example, an event RSVP can be used to determine which members are coming to an event, or a poll can be used to conduct a survey of all members. 

Use one of the interactive features of an announcement to have your members complete an action item, such as:

Additionally, events can have RSVPs or signups as a part of the event. 

Take a poll

Trying to decide when to meet, what to eat, or just need to gather public opinion? Create a poll and ask members to complete it in! 

While composing an email announcement, choose Poll from the menu on the right-hand side of the page.

Type the question you want answered and enter each option to allow members to place their vote. 

Allow members to select multiple answers by checking the "Allow members to select multiple answers" checkbox. 


Looking for members to sign up to do or bring something? Add a signup to your card to get exactly what you need. 

While composing an email announcement, choose Signup from the menu on the right.

You can specify the generalities of what needs to be done or brought, as well as the number needed. If left blank, then as many people who want to can sign up for that slot. 

When a member clicks to “Sign up” for a slot, they will have the option to enter a description, and in this way they can communicate their custom item.

Fill out a form

Tired of paper forms cluttering your desk? Having a hard time organizing the answers so you can easily reference them? Drop the paper forms and create a form in to easily collect and organize responses! 

While composing an email announcement, choose Form from the menu on the right.

Give the form a name. Then, build the form by clicking Add a field and selecting one of the options from the drop-down list, including existing or new custom fields. You can learn more about the types of form questions you can build here.


Although not an action item in itself, you can create an event from the calendar or within an email announcement. As a part of the event, you can optionally add an RSVP or signup specifically for the event. 

Start by selecting Event from the list of options on the right. 

If an event has already been created, choose it from the list and it will appear in your announcement. 

If not, select the date where you want to create the event and click to create a new event. 

If creating a new event, you can follow the steps here to create the event and optionally add the ability to RSVP or sign up to bring or do something. 

Once added to your announcement, members will be able to see and RSVP to the event or click on it for more details. 

Viewing Responses

To view action item responses, click on the announcement. Some action items, like polls and signups will display the overall results under the question.

For all action items, click the Manage responses link to see more information. Here you will see a list of all of your members. If looking for a specific member's response, use the search bar at the top to look for their name. 

If a member has not completed the action item, the status bubble will be a light blue and the response will say Pending. You can complete an action item for a member or mark it as complete without filling it out by checking the status bubble next to their name. 

If a member has completed  an action item, the status bubble will be green and the response will indicate their answer. You can see how many out of the total members have completed this action item in the completion bar at the top of the window. 

For some action items, you can also download the responses as a .csv file (or .zip file for documents). Click the icon of the arrow coming out of the cloud and the responses can be saved to your computer.

You can email all members who have or have not completed the action item, or who have selected a specific answer by clicking the icon of an envelope in the upper right corner.