Help Center Getting StartedLesson 2: Add members

Lesson 2: Add members helps you communicate more effectively with people who you already have contact information for, and also help you get the contact information for people who you don't.

Adding members whose contact info you have

Once you are ready to add members, click the "+" button in the upper right corner.  Select Add members... from the drop down.

After adding members, send them a welcome email with the {{FeedURL}} token to bookmark, which allows them to interact with the feed and calendar without entering a password! 

Gathering info from new members

When you are looking to grow your membership, look no further than the Onboarding options available in 

Public Calendar

A public calendar can be used to allow those not in your group to RSVP directly for an event, and be automatically added to the group in the process by entering their email. Existing group members can also sign up on the public calendar by entering their email and then password. 

Registration Forms

Registration forms allow you to not only ask a member to join your group, but also optionally have them fill out a customized form to gather additional information you need when they join the group. 


Text-to-join is a way for members to join groups and get connected with your organization by sending a text from their phone. By providing them with a dedicated number for your organization and keyword for the group they want to join, individuals can send a quick message to immediately start receiving new posts.  

Regardless of the way you add members, all new members will immediately start to receive notification for all group activity.