Help Center Getting StartedLesson 1: Set up

Lesson 1: Set up

When you first sign up, you're taken to the feed of your brand new group. Once on the feed, follow a short tutorial to walk through the initial stages of getting your group off the ground in

Creating a new group

Your first group is created for you when you sign up for a new account, but if you already have a account, or want to create additional groups, you can do so. 

  1. From the group browser on the left, click the New group link.
  2. Fill in the group name. If you have an organization, you can also place this group as a sub-group to a parent group within the organization. 

If you begin with a basic group and decide to upgrade to an organization later, you will have the ability to upgrade it directly to the top level of your organization or create a new organization group and then edit the group and add it to your organization. 

A. Below the banner, you will see the feed where you can view announcements and messages posted in the group. To view an announcement and any related comments, click on it. 

B. Next, there are options to post a comment or compose a new announcement. 

Along the top bar are more items for navigation.

C. Click Calendar to be brought to the group's calendar and manage RSVPs and who has signup to do or bring something.

D. The search bar will allow you to search for announcements, comments, action items, or attachments. 

E. Clicking the bell icon will allow you to update your personal email and text notification preferences.

F. Clicking the "+" icon will allow you to add members, create a new group, or create a new organization. 

G. Clicking your profile will allow you to manage your profile and get additional help. 

H. The Admin drop-down will allow you to go to the Members, Onboarding, Announcements, or Group Settings pages for additional functionality. 

I. The groups browser is where you will see a list of all of your groups. Click on the top drop-down to switch between personal groups and organizations to which you belong. 

Setting up your calendar (optional)

If your group hosts events in person or virtually, the calendar tab will quickly become one of your favorite features. 

Start by adding one-time or recurring events to your calendar, and optionally asking members to RSVP or signup to do or bring something. 

Get word out to members (after you add them in Lesson 2) by sending an email Announcement about a specific event, or using the "Share calendar with members" option to send a keyed link to the calendar page where they can see all the events without having to log in.