If you're new to and looking to get oriented then you're in the right place! 

What is is a communication software that helps groups do more through better communication and organization. For an overview, check out the video at

Admin Perspective

There are a few basic concepts that will give you an overview of the major components of the program. There are also covered in the joyride when you first create a group, but we will show off some of the features in more detail here. 


Comments are text only messages posted by group members (or leaders) to the group's feed. Members can manage what comments they receive


Announcements are created by group leaders and appear on the feed along with comments. Unlike simple comments, announcements have a title and may have richly formatted text content, documents, and images. In addition, announcements may contain action items or events  that members of the group are expected to complete.  

Once sent, you can track who has opened an Announcement, as well as manage responses to any action items or events. Doing so keeps all communication easily organized and accessible, avoiding reply-all email chains and providing easy follow-up to those who have or have not responded. 


Each group also has a calendar to keep track of events. One time or recurring events can be created from the calendar or while composing an email announcement. Events can optionally have an RSVP or signup attached to them to help keep track of who is coming and what each person is doing or bringing. Members and admins can sync the group calendar to their iCal or Google calendar so they never miss an event.  

Member Perspective

Just like an admin, members will be able to set their notification settings (A) see any posted comments or Announcements on the feed and click on them to respond or complete action items (B),  post their own comments (C), and access the group calendar (D). 

SMS and email notifications

Reach all members - regardless of their contact method. Announcements will be sent to members just as they appear on the board as emails for those with an email on file. Members can click directly on the keyed links and buttons in the email to respond without having to log in. 

Announcements can also be sent to members without an email as a text, where they can click a link to view the entire email and respond to action items and events. Keyed links do not require members to sign in, so engaging is easy.