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How do I create new events?

To access the group calendar, click the Calendar  page along the top of the window. 

Creating events

Events can be added to the calendar either from the calendar itself by clicking on a date, or while composing an email announcement from the event icon on the right. 

Each event must have a title, start time, and end time. You may optionally add a location or description to the event, as well as the items below. 

Repeating events

An event can be set to repeat weekly (on one or more days of the week), monthly (by day of the month or day of the week), or yearly by date. Doing so will create a copy of the event on the appropriate days in the calendar, continuing indefinitely until you stop the event. 

By deleting an instance of the recurring event you can choose the option of what instances to remove: 


Add any location - online or in person - to your event by adding it to the Location field. As you start typing, suggestions will appear. Select one from the drop down to link it to the Google Maps location, type in your own, or add a link. When viewed on the calendar, any links will open in a new window. 

RSVP to events

You can choose to allow members to RSVP to an even by checking the appropriate box when the event is created. 

When an RSVP is added to an event, it is visible when the event is added to an email announcement, as well as being visible in the calendar. Members can RSVP with one click. 

Event signups

Event signups work just like signup action items, but are attached to the event, so it can be accessed from the calendar, as well as any announcement containing the event. 

To add a signup to your event, click the + Add a signup to do or bring things link and then add one item per line. You can optionally specify how many of each item you need. 

When a member signs up for an item, they will be able to specify how many of the item they wish to sign up for and can leave a comment to give more detail of their contribution. 

This option can also be used instead of an RSVP if you only want to know who is coming or limit the number of attendees. 

Invite group members

Easily invite group members to your newly created event by clicking the "Compose an email to announce this new event" option. Doing so will save the event and immediately open an email announcement with the event inserted. Customize your own text and then send to to anyone or everyone in your group!