Help Center CalendarHow do I manage my public calendar?

How do I manage my public calendar?

A calendar can be made public to allow others to see and sign up for events, which will also automatically add them to the group. 

From the calendar

To make a calendar public, choose Publish in the upper right corner of the calendar tab.

Next, you will see the public calendar settings. Choose if you want those who are not a part of your organization to be able to RSVP and/or signup for your calendar events. By default, others will be able to see others' responses, but you can hide them by choosing "Don't show the names of people who have RSVPed or signed up."

Once published, the URL for the public calendar will appear at the top. Copy the URL using the clipboard icon to email or post to your website.

From the Onboarding page

You can also manage your public calendar from the Onboarding page, found in the Admin drop-down. 

From this page, you can use the toggle to turn the public calendar on or off. 

If you want to update the Public calendar settings, simply toggle the public calendar off and then back on again from this page. 

Note: At this time, you cannot have both a registration page and public calendar for the same group. 

When turned on, the public calendar URL will appear here, and you can copy it using the Copy URL button.