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How do I manage my group calendar?

The group calendar is a place to keep track of all events in the group, and allow people to RSVP or sign up to do or bring things to the event. The calendar can be kept private to the group, or can be made public to allow others to sign up for the event and simultaneously be enrolled in the group. 

To manage the group calendar, go to the Calendar page.

Creating events

Events can be added to the calendar either from the calendar itself by clicking on a date, or while composing an email announcement from the event icon on the right. 

Each event must have a title, start time, and end time. You may optionally add a location or description to the event, as well as allow members to RSVP or add a signup to do or bring things. 

For more information on creating events, see this article

Calendar Settings

As a group leader or admin, you can also set specific settings for your calendar by going to the drop-down menu in the upper right and choosing Calendar settings

Here, you can: 

  • Control who can access the group calendar (To learn more about public calendars, see this article.)
  • Set email reminders for events that a member has RSVPed or completed a signup for
  • Set limits on how close to an event or how far in advance to an event someone can signup
  • Hide the names of members who have signed up for an event

Share the calendar with members

Want to easily point members to the calendar, where they can see and RSVP or sign up for events and sync to their personal calendar? Use the drop-down in the upper right and select Share calendar with members. Doing so will open a new email announcement with the Calendar URL token, which allows members to see and interact with the calendar without entering a password.