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What number will text messages sent through come from?

When sending a message from, texts will come from a randomly assigned US number. The number is unique per group member, so each group member may see a different number but will always get messages from the same number. 

When the first message is sent to a member from a particular group, they automatically get a message that reads, "This number is for announcements from the group '[Group Name]'. Feel free to save it as such, and reply to a message to reach its sender." 

If a member belongs to multiple groups, each group will send as a unique number and will be sent the automatic introductory message.

Private conversations

If a member replies to a message, that will begin a new conversation - sent only to the admin - and will come from a phone number unique to that conversation. In this case, if the admin replies, the member will similarly get the response from a unique phone number to this conversation.