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Tips for Organizations

Congratulations! You upgraded your group to an organization in Looking for information on the new features available to you? You have come to the right place! 

Everyone group

The group you created or upgraded is now your "everyone" group. This means that everyone in any sub-group in your organization will also belong to this group. However, if you delete someone from a sub-group, they will not be deleted from this group unless you specifically do so. 

This group is great for getting out announcements to your entire organization at once, or you can target a few people that might be spread across sub-groups using targeted announcements

Announcements only

If you want to communicate with a group, but don't want members to have the noise of replies, you can make a group that is "Announcements only." Doing so will allow you as the administrator to view and receive replies, but not have those posted publicly.  

Need replies to a certain announcement to go to the whole group? You can enable public comments for specific announcements to allow replies on a case-by-case basis. 

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Create subgroups

Looking to communicate with multiple groups within your organization? 

A subgroup is a group that is contained within another group. When members are added to a subgroup, they are automatically added to any parent groups of that subgroup. Similarly, if a member is deleted from a parent group, that member is also deleted from all of the parent's subgroups. 

Organizations may have unlimited levels of subgroups. 

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Quickly and easily turn your meeting's attendees into group members using text-to-join. 

Text-to-join is a way for members to join groups and get connected with your organization by sending a text from their phone. This method is quick to set up, easy to use, and simple to announce. 

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Registration page

Registration pages allow you to not only ask a member to join your group, but also optionally have them fill out a customized form to gather additional information you need when they join the group. Or, send registration forms to existing members to gather new or update existing information on file. 

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