Help Center Member ManagementWhat are custom fields?

What are custom fields?

Looking to track additional member information? Custom fields can be used to track birthdays, t-shirt sizes, emergency contacts, and more! Then, use that information to reach out to members based on their answers. 

Setting up custom fields

1. Start by editing any member profile in the group and clicking on Custom Fields

2. Click the Setup fields... button in the lower left corner. 

Use the Add a field button to choose the type of field to add. 

Once you have added all of your fields, click the Save button in the lower right of the custom field box. 

Now the custom fields will show up and can be edited from all member profiles in that group. 

Filtering with custom fields

Once custom fields are set up, you can use them to reach members who gave certain answers. 

When composing an email or text message announcement, check the "But only send to members who pass | this filter..." box. 

In the filter window, select the custom field and set the value you want using the options from the drop down menus. 

When you preview or send the message, only members who pass the filter will be sent the message.