Help Center Action ItemsHow can I ask members to complete a task?

How can I ask members to complete a task?

If you need members to complete a task, you can use the "Complete task" option so members can check a box when it is complete. 

After clicking "New card", choose "Complete task" from the action item menu on the left of the card.

Type out the task that members should complete. 

You can optionally add in a date you want members to complete this task by, prompting an automatic email to those who do not complete the task in time. 

If the task no longer applies after a particular date, you can also set an expiration date so that members will not be notified of incomplete tasks after that date when logging in to Unison. 

Viewing Responses

To view responses, click on the card and then click the three dots to the right of the task. Choose "Manage responses." 

Here you will see a list of all of your members. 

If a member has not completed the task, the status bubble will be a light blue and the response will say Pending. You can email all members who have not completed the task by clicking the icon of an envelope in the upper right corner. You can complete a task for a member by checking the status bubble next to their name. 

If a member has completed  the task, the status bubble will be green and the response will say Completed. You can see how many out of the total members have completed this task in the completion bar at the top of the window. 

If looking for a specific member's response, use the search bar at the top to look for their name.