Help Center Getting StartedLesson 4: Manage responses

Lesson 4: Manage responses

Once your group members have had a chance to reply, you can review all of the responses to an announcement at any time. 

Who's seen this?

If you just need an idea of who has seen the announcement you have posted, clicking in the upper right of the announcement on "manage responses"will bring up a list of all of your members and when or if they have viewed the announcement. This will show the date they viewed the announcement, whether they logged in to Unison or opened the email notification. 

View and manage responses to action items

To view and manage responses for individual action items on an announcement, open the announcement, and then click "Manage responses." Here you will see a list of all of your members and if they have responded to the action item or not.

If you need to complete an item for a member, or mark an item complete without actually completing it, you can do so from this area by checking in the Status column next to their name. 

You will also find some additional helpful tools in this area: 

Email Members who have not completed the action item

Each action item has an icon of an envelope in the upper right corner that will allow you to email all members who have not yet responded to this action item. Doing so can help you send out a quick reminder to anyone who has not completed the item asking them to do so. 

Email based on RSVP response

RSVPs have the additional option to email everyone with a specific response of yes, no, or maybe so that you can update attendees, confirm with guests who are unsure or follow up with those who cannot be in attendance. 

Download all form or document responses

When collecting documents or form question answers from your group, all responses can be downloaded at once by clicking the icon of the Cloud with a down arrow in the upper right corner. Doing so will download documents in a zip file or forms as a .csv in spreadsheet form. Individual documents can also be viewed by clicking on the blue text under the Response column in this pop-up.