Help Center Getting StartedLesson 3: Add content

Lesson 3: Add content

Create a card

Now that you have your own group, click "New Card" to get started. 

Cards are created only by group leaders and appear on the board along with comments. Unlike simple comments, cards have a title and may have richly formatted text content, documents, images, a place, and/or a time. In addition, cards may contain action items, which are tasks that members of the group are expected to complete, and things for which members may signup to do or bring. Cards can also be searched and visualized in a variety of useful ways, for example, on a calendar or on a map.

Click the icon of the clock in the lower left of the card to add a date and optionally a time. This will then show on the group calendar

Click the location marker to add a location. This will show on the group map.

Click the paperclip to attach a document. This will allow your members to download the document to view on their device. 

Click the photo icon to add photos. Photos will show as a thumbnail image in the card, but once clicked will expand to full size, or the size of the screen in the case of an image that is larger than the available area.

Allow members to respond

Want your members to respond to you? Use one of the interactive features of a card to have your members complete an action item on the left side of the card. 

An action item is a task that members are expected to complete. Action items are attached to cards. There are several types of action items that correspond to common tasks that need to be performed by group members. For example, an "RSVP" action item can be used to determine which members are coming to an event, or a "Take a poll" action item can be used to conduct a survey of all members. 

All action items also have the option to request that a task be completed by a certain date. Checking this box will alert members if they have an item that is overdue. You can also optionally set a date for the action item to expire if it will no longer be relevant after a certain date. 

Send to members

Once you are done creating the card, you can send the card to members where they will be able to read and respond to the contents of the card. Members can then reply to the email or text, which will post the response as a comment to the card, or click to open the card where they can complete action items.