Help Center CommunicationHow do I create an SMS account?

How do I create an SMS account?

When you open a Unison account, we start you with a text messaging account loaded with 25 free text messages. You can access this account at any time to add funds or track your text message history. 

From within your Unison Basic group, go to the "Personal Plan & Billing" section from the account menu in the upper right. 

From within your Unison organization, go to the ... to the right of the Organization name at the top of the groups browser and select Billing. 

Once in the billing area, scroll to the "Text message account" area. Here you will see your remaining balance, as well as how many text messages you have remaining based on that balance.  

Click "Add funds" if you want to add a one time payment. 

Click "Configure auto recharge" if you want Unison to bill your credit card every time you fall below a particular balance. 

You can also see how many texts have been sent in the last 30 days at the bottom of the text message area. Clicking "Download text history" will allow you to download a csv file of all texts sent in a given month.